TRANSELIT Int. production equipment has the remarkable capacity to over 5,000 tons / year. The company provides products with powers from 10KVA to 5 MVA. Our product range includes Longitudinal Cut, Preassembled Cores Blocks, Cut Laminations, Assembled Cores. All the products that we are able to provide are made following specific customer specifications, in order to better fulfill their needs and to guarantee the best service.

Cut Laminations

Supply of cut laminations, 90° cutting,

made according to customer specifications.

Longitudinal Cut

We are able to provide slitted strips as CRGO, CRGNO,

Hib, laser scribing, for all customers needs.

Preassembled Cores Blocks

In order to satisfie all clients needs we provide

customized preassembled blocks for any kind of solutions.

Assembled Cores

Single - phase resin and oil transformers cores.

Three - phase resin and oil transformers cores.